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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions:
Am I allowed to have more than one account?
We allow one account per individual. There may be more than one account per household,
however each person registering an account must have a separate computer and separate
ISP to participate in our program.

How much does the program cost?
You start the program for free, you build your downline and bring in
others for free. When, and only when you feel you have build a big enough
downline, you can start to make your membership payments.
Membership payment Eur 25.00 one time.

You can always elect to pay them, or to skip them!
If you pay your membership payment, you will receive:

3 specific Program Signups :

1. EXPRESS 2 LGN (Value $25) (Feederprogramm 3x3 Matrix into LGN Prosperity)
2. EZYCASHGIFTS (Value $5) (Upgrads in higher Levels)
3. EZCASHMAILER (Value $3) (send Ads to 1000s of interested Networker)


If you decide not to make your membership payment,
you will still remain an active member, you can still continue to build your down line,
but you will not be registered in 3 Top Matrix Program.

So again, you only make your payment when you feel comfortable in doing so!
That's what make this program different from others!

How can I log into my account?
You may Login into each spezific Top Program using the Backoffice of that Program
(FastCash-System, EzyCashGifts, EzCashEmailer or Express2LGN)
in each Backoffice you may find the Members you sponsored to the Program.

How can I cancel my account?
Send E-Mail to :
with Subject: Cancel Account

How can I change my personal information?
Log in to the Backoffice of the Network Program you have received
- make alteration of your personal information there !

I live outside the Europe, can I join?
Yes, we welcome all international affiliates.

Earnings Questions:

How much do I earn by participating in sales of special membership packages?

You will earn Commission as descripted in the specific Network Program (look at FAQ or Help)

When can I request payment?
Payments will be sent automatically to the Alertpay account that you provided at Signup.

When will I receive payments?
Thats the FWClub Strategy and each new Member you sponsor to FWClub
will follow you into your specific Network Program.
Each new FWClub Member will be responsible to make his own Signups

How am I paid?
Payments are made via Alertpay, and Alertpay only!

Payments to and from the site to Paypal will not be done. Paypal does not allow payments from various programs as they pay more than one level down. So before you ask, we are not allowed to use Paypal! This is their rule and not ours!

Referral Questions:

How can I refer other affiliates?
You will receive your own Referral Website with your own Url to Fast-Wealth-Club
You can advertise your link, or a banner at your favorite PTC site, surf site, text exchange, you may add your referral url to your email signature. You can give out flyers or advertise in any way you wish except for Spamming.

What is my referral link?
Your personal referral link can be found on your personal "Referral links" page.

What can I earn through referrals?
You will receive Commission as descripted in each of the Network Program
in which you will be signed up

Each member is given ample warning to pay for Signup is coming! You have 48 hours to make your payments.
Any member can make prior arrangements with the admin of the site to pre-pay if you will
not be around during the payment period! Everyone
has plenty of time to fund their Alertpay accounts, Alertpay furthermore do accept credit cards too!

Can I get a refund?
All sales are final! NO REFUNDS CAN, OR WILL be given!
Also, you gain access to the software or advertising packages
So once you hit the pay button, ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Alertpay has already been notified
of this when they verified the site!

Advertising Questions:

I have a website I would like to advertise, where can I find information on your
different programs and costs?

Visit the specific section of the Network Program for complete details.

I have questions not answered, what can I do?
Send a request using our Contact Form or send
E-Mail request to:
and supply as much information as possible
so we can solve the problem in a timely manner.

                                                                                                                                          ( B u t t o n    d r u e c k e n ! )
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o EzyCashGifts
o EzCashMailer

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