• A New Way To Succeed

    Take everything you have ever been told about making money online and throw it out the window! By harnessing the power of a unified team we offer you a genuine opportunity to make real money online. For a one-off fee of $33 you join the money making machine that is the PIF-Team. And if you don't have that available? The Team can arrange to Pay It Forward for you. Join us now and start to share in this remarkable program.
  • Testimonial

    I feel very blessed to be a part of the PIF TEAM! It is a pleasure to be associated with such a fantastic and caring group of people. We truly are a Team in every sense of the word. We help, encourage, and support each other, and are finally having success on the internet, some of us for the very first time! We are making some great friends all over the world as well! Great things are coming for us, and I feel the team is getting better each day! We welcome members from across the globe, and embrace our differences. We as a TEAM want to see EVERYONE prosper!!! There is no advertising our links, ever, and no promoting! It doesn't get any easier than that! This is like an instant downline! To have a team behind you, IS PRICELESS! Our great administrative team is constantly striving to make this the best team ever, on the net! Thanks to each of them for all their hard work each and every day. The PIF-TEAM ROCKS!" Lainey


We are looking for like minded people who believe in the power of teamwork!

With a team behind us we can move quickly through the cycles of any program we join. Our starter program is Supreme 2×2. We know some people may already be in this but in order to benefit from the group you will need to make a new account.

Every time someone cycles as part of the team they make a new account under the next available position. You are going to keep seeing your teamates coming into your 2 x 2! No beginning no end - just a big circle with everyone pushing each other through the matrix. By working as a team we always reinvest some of our profits to keep everyone cycling - and that means you too!

You will make your main account in Supreme at 33$ and that’s all you ever pay. As your main account cycles it makes 100$. You take the next available position with 33$ of the $100 you made and cycle that account and also keeping everyone cycling.

After you join you will be asked for your link so it can be passed on to the next person to be cycled. Your link is only ever used twice then it cycles and that’s when you will make a new account and do it over again.

Remember: We are not promoting a particular program we’re promoting a Team! A team that joins forces with each other to make money and more money. As our income builds we will join additional, higher paying, programs but always utilising the follow-me approach. You just all keep following each other.


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